If grad students ran the world

  • mantouchong
  • 2017-05-18
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Nik MacMillan

If grad students ran the world

Sometimes I’m asked to blurb a book. This is fun, because I get to read a book—and also because I get to say that I’m “blurbing,” which makes me feel like some kind of squid.

The last two books I’ve blurbed have both aimed to teach grad students and postdocs how to find jobs. (They’re The Professor Is In and ReSearch: A Career Guide for Scientists, and I recommend both.) I was especially interested to see that both contained the same instruction, and it was one that I’d somehow never encountered before. It was a suggestion to help grad students and postdocs appear more professional: Stop acting like grad students and postdocs.

Experimental Error is a monthly humor column from scientist and comedian Adam Ruben. 

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